What you need to know about 4k

If you have been on the look-out for a camera, you might have surely come across the term 4K videos. Basically, it is just a specification that means 4000. You might not have seen anything more detailed than this as yet. You must be aware that televisions have moved from standard definitions to HD or Full HD which can be found on online streaming, Blu-Ray discs and online streaming. Surely, you must have noticed the footage to be more crisp and detailed and that it looks amazing on a large screen.


If you think about it, 1080p HD footage is also only about 1920 pixels. Comparatively 4K is more detailed with more than twice the pixels on the horizontal and four times overall. 4K is more or less the benchmark now for watching and recording video and it also gives you a whole set of new benefits. If you go on to http://epfilms.tv, you will find a good collection of 4K professional cameras.

This being said, the extra resolution of 4K might get disadvantageous in the sense that you would need to upgrade your production pipeline. But considering that it is the future, you probably need to do it. That means displays, memory cards, computers, lenses and hard drives.

Let us have a look at what you might need –

To be able to keep up with that extra data, you would need faster memory cards which are capable of say 30MB per second writing speed. You would also need a larger capacity hard drive. So that means at least a 7200rpm hard drive. You might also want to give SSD’s a thought. Consider the performance of your computer too. Have a look at the processor speed, the RAM, graphics card and the kind or capacity of the hard drive. You would also need video editing software which is specialized. For further details have a look at ep films.