What are the kinds of wheelchairs there are

imedmobility.comand similar sites like it deal with all kinds of equipment which can be used by the differently abled. Imedmobilityand these sites also talk about the different kinds of wheelchairs there are available.

Those people who are not in close proximity with or are not differently abled themselves may never know the differences and the types of wheelchairs that are available.


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Here are some kinds of wheelchairs that can be found on sites such as imed mobility.

  1. Basic wheelchairs – these are durable and these wheelchairs have leg rests as well as foot rests too. Some of them even offer leg rests which can be elevated and there could be either full length arms or desk length arms. These come in different options with regards seats and they are usually either 16”, 18” or 20”.
  2. There are narrow wheelchairs and these come in the option of 16”wide seats only.
  3. There are standard wheelchairs and these could have variable widths of seats as well as footrests which are detachable. There are leg rests which can be elevated and there could be permanent arms or there are those that offer removable arms too. There are also arms that are either full length ones or desk length ones.
  4. Lightweight wheelchairs are those which are made especially for those that travel a lot with their chairs. These chairs usually have nylon upholstery and they offer either the features that the standard or the basic models come with. These are very versatile and there is a process for quick removal of wheels as well as the back height can be adjusted on these chairs.
  5. There are extra wide chairs which are meant for people that weigh more. These can accommodate weight up to 450 pounds unlike the weight capacity of usual chairs.