The Investments and celebritynetworth of Famous People

The celebrities from the world of cinema, athletes from the sports arena and the business tycoons from Wall Street all have huge Celebrity Net Worth. One of the major sources of income of celebrities are their earnings from their careers, be it from movies, TV serials or sports obligations.


celebrity net worth


Here are a few investments that they undertake to increase there net worth:

  • Investing in start-ups increase the Celebrity Net Worth

One of the major investments comprise of the investment in start-ups. There are numerous shows on TV which encourage these start-ups and provide them a platform to showcase their unique products or services. Many celebrities opt to invest their income in such start-ups to help them increase there celebritynetworth.

  • Investment in Technology

Many celebrities invest in Technology or Technology companies to earn from their income by the way of interest on such investment. Ashton Kutcher, the famous actor from the show “Two and a half men” invests through his company, A Grade Investment. He is also known to invest in companies like Skype, Microsoft, Foursquare and many others.

  • Starting their own companies to increase celebritynetworth

Many celebrities choose to start their own companies as a form of investment. Socialites like Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are known to have their own websites which earns millions in the form of membership fee. Many suchwebsites also provide them with access to high class accessories and clothes which are exclusive to the celebrities fashion line. This gives the fans to own products which reflect their stars choices.

  • Owning high end restaurants

Many famous people choose to invest in the food and drinks section of the market. For example, the former NBA star Magic Johnson after quitting basketball invested in a plethora of theatres, restaurants and fitness centres.He also invested in the coffee giant, Starbucks and the community store of Best Buy Inc.