Monetizing your blog with advertisement

Blogging is very popular now a da among the teens and the other people. People are creating blogs, sharing the information and earning a lot of money. Some people have made this as their profession and are utilizing it in best way. There had been a lot of updates and things which had made blogging a competitive task. Many bloggers are competing today on the same niche so as to rank their blog higher than the other. It is very important for the blogger to rank their blog on the very first page and drive as much traffic as they can. The more the traffic is the more will be the earning.

Monetizing the blog for earning

Monetizing the blog is same as monetizing the videos on YouTube channel. Today there are lot of ways of monetizing the blogs and earn a good amount of money. Before monetizing the blog the blogger must need to focus on some important things:


  • Blogger must have the good knowledge of content writing
  • He or she should have good understanding of the on page and the off page seo.
  • Blogger must be working on some good quality and informative niche.
  • Person must update the blog with good and quality content.
  • The blog must provide the good and relative information.
  • There should be no copied content or any unreadable content.
  • There should be no porn related content.
  • Good advertising medium should be used and followed.
  • The main focus should be on the fake clicks and visitors and preventing them spamming your blog.

If you want to monetize your blog easily then you should focus on good niche such as tech blog like blogotechblog, health blogs and the education blogs. You can some examples of tech blogs, health blog and other.