How to get your app optimized to gain higher number of users?

With innumerous apps present in the app stores for almost every purpose, it is very difficult to make a new app and acquire significant success with it. This leads to the need for app store optimization. App store optimization or ASO aims at improving an apps ratings and hence ranking. This will make the app more easily visible in search results and it will help you reach out to a greater number of people. A lot of professional services are available that offer app store optimization services like theaso. But before you jump to hire a service, it is important to understand how optimization is done.

Factors affecting app rank

Certain factors affect the rank of an app and determine where it will feature during a search result. Apps with higher ratings appear on top half of search lists and thus gains greater number of users. Here are some factors that affect an app rank in an app store:


  • Keyword:

Like in any search engine optimization, keyword plays a key role in determining the rank of an app in app store optimization. Thus it is very important to find an appropriate keyword

  • Title:

The App name also plays a significant role in determining an app rank. A well chosen name can appear in multiple search results.

Getting your app optimized

With professionals optimizing your app, you can expect higher number of users in a short period of time provided your app is good enough. The professionals will take care of the technical details and will provide suitable categories and sub categories for your app. This will help you gain more potential users and a better app ranking to feature in the top half of search results. Visit to hire professional optimization services and make your app an instant success.